Pintxos Great variety of pintxos

Cold and hot pintxos

  • Codfish cooked with peppers and garlic Contain CerealContain Fish
  • Spicy seafoodball ball Contain CerealContain CrustaceansContain DairyContain Fish
  • Grilled prawn skewer Contain CerealContain CrustaceansContain Sulphites
  • Grilled sirloin skewer
  • Grilled monkfishs skewer with prawns Contain CerealContain CrustaceansContain FishContain Sulphites
  • Fried squid Contain CerealContain CrustaceansContain EggsContain FishContain Molluscs
  • Veal cheeks Contain Sulphites
  • Grilled baby squid Contain CrustaceansContain Sulphites
  • Mushrooms
  • Fried chistorra sausage Contain Cereal
  • Grilled chorizo Contain Cereal
  • Ham croquette Contain CerealContain DairyContain Eggs
  • Cooked ham and cheese Contain CerealContain DairyContain Eggs
  • Lamb sweetbread Contain CerealContain Eggs
  • Russian salad Contain DairyContain EggsContain FishContain MolluscsContain SoyContain Sulphites
  • Grilled foie gras Contain CerealContain Sulphites
  • Gilda
  • Fried stuffed musse Contain ApexContain CerealContain CrustaceansContain DairyContain EggsContain FishContain MolluscsContain Sulphites
  • Peppers stuffed with codfish Contain DairyContain Fish
  • Codfish omelette Contain EggsContain Fish
Contain Cereal Contain Cereal
Contain Dairy Contain Dairy
Contain Eggs Contain Eggs
Contain Fish Contain Fish
Contain Nuts in shell Contain Nuts in shell
Contain Crustaceans Contain Crustaceans
Contain Molluscs Contain Molluscs
Contain Sulphites Contain Sulphites
Contain Soy Contain Soy
Contain Apex Contain Apex
Codfish cooked with peppers and garlic
Spicy seafoodball ball
Grilled prawn skewer
Grilled sirloin skewer
Grilled monkfishs skewer with prawns
Fried squid
Veal cheeks
Grilled baby squid
Fried chistorra sausage
Grilled chorizo
Ham croquette
Cooked ham and cheese
Lamb sweetbread
Russian salad
Grilled foie gras
Fried stuffed musse
Peppers stuffed with codfish

Vegetarian Specialties with vegetable and dairy ingredients

  • Mushrooms

Vegan Specialties with only plant-based ingredients

  • Mushrooms